Remember to place your order prior to the deadline date in order to receive the advance order rates. For those exhibitors with equipment requiring cord caps or high voltage connections, have your equipment "pre-wired" to match Edlen’s distribution system.

Equipment Power Requirement

  • 5 amps -15 amps of 120 volt power
  • 20 amps 120 volt power
  • 5 amps - 30 amps 208-volt single or three phase
  • 60 - 100 amps 208-volt single or three phase

Edlen Plug Configuration

  • NEMA 5-15P 2 pole 3 wire grounded
  • NEMA 5-20P 2 pole 3 wire grounded
  • NEMA L21-30P
  • 60-150 Amp Inline Camlock (male)

When determining your electrical requirements do not rely on your past orders. Make sure to look at all the rating plates on your equipment or speak to one of your technicians so that you do not order more power than is necessary. Or simply contact any Edlen office for assistance in determining your power needs.

Expedite your move-in by allowing Edlen to distribute your power on the floor prior to your arrival at show site. You can do this by authorizing Edlen to proceed without supervision. Simply complete our labor order form and send a scaled floor plan that indicates booth orientation, exact outlet locations and one main power location from which to distribute your power.

When you request an electrician to work in your booth and your supervision is required or requested, please make sure a representative is available to supervise the electrician. If no supervision is available and the electrician returns to the labor desk, there is a minimum 1/2-hour labor charge per electrician requested.

Exhibitors can plug their own 120-volt equipment into the outlets they order. Labor is not required to do this.

Exhibitors who require network cables run on the floor along with their electric, should send their cables properly marked with company name, contact & booth number to Edlen’s office at the address on the show's order form. This will allow our electricians to lay the cable at the same time we are laying the electrical.

Installation labor is billed in 1 hour increaments. Dismantle labor is charged in 1/2 hour increments or 1/2 the total installation time.

Many convention centers require the electrical contractor to turn off the power each night starting 30 minutes after the close of show. The electrical is then turned back on in the morning no later than 30 minutes prior to the opening of the show. Please order 24-hour power if you require your power to remain on after the show closes.