Equipment Power

Any piece of equipment that plugs into a standard wall outlet found in your home or office will require 120-volt power. This includes lights as well as most office equipment and cooking devices.

Determine the amount of power each piece of equipment requires by looking at its rating stamp. This stamp can be found on the back or bottom of most equipment, but sometimes, manufacturers choose to make it more difficult to find. For example; you may have to look at the transformer plugged into your laptop to find its rating. For objects such as refrigerators and microwaves, the rating can be found inside the door.

Example rating stamp for a HP Laser Jet 2550: 110-127V AC 50/60 Hz 5.6A

This rating states the equipment runs on a voltage that can range from 110 volts to 120 volts. 5.6A indicates the equipment uses 6 amps of power. In this case you would order 1-10 amp outlet.

Example rating stamp for "Mr. Coffee" 10-cup coffee maker: 1100W 120V AC

This rating indicates the coffee maker requires 1100 watts of 120-volt power in order to operate. In this case, you would order a 1500-watt outlet.

Lighting Power

Determine the amount of power your exhibit lights require by totaling the wattage of each light fixture. If there are (10) 100-watt lights, order (1) 1000 watt outlet.

24-Hour Power

There are two quantity columns. The first column is used when your exhibit only requires power to be left on during show move-in hours and actual show hours. The second column is used when your equipment must be left on 24 hours a day throughout the entire event. If you need 24-hour power, please double the outlet rate.

Payment Information

Advance Order Price or Regular Price depends upon the date Edlen receives your electrical order with payment. In the upper right hand column of the order form you will find the advance price deadline date. Exhibitors that send their order to the appropriate Edlen office (with payment) prior to this date, receive advance order pricing. All orders received after this date are at the regular rate.

The cost of each outlet ordered is a one-time charge for entire event. These are not daily charges.

How much power do I need to order?

Click here for a list of equipment brought to show site and their approximate power usage.

Sample of Completed Order Form

Click here to see a sample of a completed electrical order form.