Equipment Requiring 208-Volt Power

Equipment requiring high voltage power will range from heavy machinery and medical devices to industrial cooking equipment. Most industrial equipment is rated at 208 volts, but other typical voltages include 220, 230 & 480 volt. The ratings placed on the equipment will indicate VOLTAGE, AMPERAGE and PHASING. All three ratings are required to order the correct service.

Example rating stamp for Industrial Pizza Oven 208V~ 60A 3Ph

This rating indicates the equipment runs on 60 amps of 208-volt three-phase power.

5 AMPS     255.00 383.00  
10 AMPS     337.00 506.00  
15 AMPS     388.00 582.00  
20 AMPS     465.00 729.00  
30 AMPS     580.00 870.00  
60 AMPS     759.00 1139.00  
100 AMPS     999.00 1499.00  

Example rating stamp for Technical Medical Equipment 220V~ 20A 1Ph

This rating indicates the equipment runs on 20 amps of 220-volt single-phase power.

5 AMPS     170.00 255.00  
10 AMPS     254.00 381.00  
15 AMPS     291.00 437.00  
20 AMPS     364.00 546.00  
30 AMPS     434.00 651.00  
60 AMPS     570.00 855.00  
100 AMPS     750.00 1155.00  

Make sure to order a separate outlet for each piece of equipment. Each piece of equipment requires a separate outlet.

Equipment Requiring 220 to 240 Volt Power

If your equipment requires a higher voltage such as 220 or 230 volt, place your order as follows:

Click here to see example form
  1. Using the 208-volt single phase or three phase sections of the order form, complete the quantity field and total cost column.
  2. Write in the actual voltage requirement in the blank area next to the outlet ordered.
  3. Just below the 208 volt three phase section of our order form there is an area that allows you to order a transformer to boost your power from 208-volt to approximately 220 or 230 volt. Multiply your amperage ordered by the "per amp" charged noted on the order form. Please note, there is a minimum 20-amp charge.

Always check with one of your technicians before placing your order for 220-volt or 230-volt power. You may find that your equipment can run temporarily on 208-volt power, thus eliminating the need for a transformer.

Equipment Requiring 380 to 480 Volt Power

If your equipment requires 380 volt thru 480 volt power and those services are not listed on the order form, please contact the phone number provided on our order form or call 800-553-3536 for more information. The cost of 480 volt services are available if ordered on-line. Exhibitors requiring 380 Volt power must contact the Edlen office producing the event for additional order information.