Do you Require Labor?

The rules governing what work requires the use of electrical labor varies by facility and union jurisdiction.

Labor is typically required for:
  • Distribution of power under your carpet
  • Distribution of power throughout your booth structure
  • All high voltage power connections (208-480 volt)
  • Installation of lighting hung from ceiling or truss
  • Installation of lighting mounted to your booth structure
  • Connections to dimmers, disconnect switches or sound & projection equipment
  • Network cable runs within booth space or overhead
  • Wiring of overhead signs

If you require any of the work listed above, you will need to complete the electrical labor order form included in the exhibitor kit. If there are any questions regarding electrical labor, please contact the Edlen office producing your event. If you do not have that information, please send an email to noting the event you will be exhibiting in and the correct contact information will be sent to you.

Labor Form Instructions

Complete the steps that apply on the back side of the Electrical Labor Order Form.

Step 3 informs Edlen that labor will not be required in your booth space.

Step 4 provides credit card information to guarantee payment on services provided.

Step 5 gives Edlen authorization to complete distribution of your power prior to your arrival.

Step 6 requires Edlen to wait until a company representative is on site to supervise our labor.

Step 7 allows the exhibitor to schedule labor for a variety of tasks on multiple days.

Please provide a scaled floor plan of your booth indicating exact outlet locations, booth orientation and a main power drop location for all island booths. *Please Note: Edlen can not complete your power distribution without this information.

Sample of Completed Labor Order Form

Click here to see a sample of a completed labor order form.