Extension Cords & Power Strips

Exhibitors are allowed to bring their own extension cords and power strips. However, this material must be UL approved, a minimum of 14 gauge, 3 wire and grounded.

Exhibitors also have the option to rent this material from Edlen. Edlen utilizes flat wire extension cords. Exhibitors can choose to pre-order extension cords or power strips when they place their order, or they can simply order them at show site. Exhibitors must pick up this material at the exhibitor service center at show site. Edlen does not deliver this material to the booth space.

Exhibitors requiring the distribution of power throughout their booth space, who want to pre-pay for any material charges, should contact the Edlen office producing their event for an estimate.

Power Distribution Panels

Edlen does not rent power distribution panels and exhibitors are not allowed to bring their own power distribution panels. Exhibitors must order the appropriate 120 volt or 208 volt outlet required to power up their booth equipment. Exceptions are made when the panel is built into the booth structure.