Booth Stringer

Electrical cabling placed at the rear of inline booths providing outlet boxes every 10 feet.


Electrical fixture with C-clamp device for attaching to display.

Cube Tap/Three Way Bar

Adaptor that plugs into a standard wall outlet or extension cord that provides three places to plug in.


A device to control light intensity. Also known as a rheostat.

Disconnect Switch

Device to permit easy and rapid termination of electrical service.

Distribution Panel

Portable power panel that contains "breakers" that allow you to turn power on an off. This is similar to the breaker panel in your home.

Dog House/Lenny Box

An outlet box that can provide up to (3) 20 amp outlets.

Duplex Outlet

An outlet that provides two places to plug in.

Flat Wire Cable & Extension Cords

Flat electrical cable capable of feeding from 5amp of 120volt power up to 100 amps of 208 volt three phase power. This cable helps to eliminate bumps in your carpet as well as tripping hazards.

Floor Port

Utility box, recessed in the floor, containing electrical, telephone, and/or plumbing connections. A distribution panel would plug into the floor port.

Leko Light

Light fixtures that are normally hung from truss or the convention ceiling. These lights provide focused lighting to highlight specific booth product or signage.

Par Can/Quartz Light

500 to 1000 watt light fixtures that are normally hung from truss or the convention ceiling. These lights provide general lighting for your booth space or to highlight booth signage.

Power Strip Vs. Surge Protector

Both devices are designed to provide multiple places to plug in, however a power strip does not protect your equipment from power surges as a surge protector does.

Quad Box

An outlet that provides four places to plug in.


A transformers is used to change the input voltage up or down to produce a desired output voltage. A transformer can also be used to isolate sensitive equipment by creating an isolated neutral.

Twist Lock

Type of electrical plugs which are connected by twisting together as opposed to standard male and female plugs.


Cord and plug that is attached to any device. Many times electrical contractors will have to wire a "tail" on to the exhibitors equipment if the plug attached does not match the outlet provided. This is true for most 208 volt or higher services.