The standard electrical system in use at most convention facilities in the U.S. is 120/208-volt three-phase with a neutral and 480-volt three phase. Most countries outside the U.S. use a different voltage and plug configuration from the US. To use anything that requires electricity that is made for use outside the U.S., you must take both the voltage and the plug configuration into account. 208-volt three-phase connections are not intended to be used with ANY international power needs and should never be ordered without calling the phone number provided on our order form or calling 1-800-553-3536 for more information.

Lighting Power

There are two items to look at on your lighting that determine what to order so it can be used in the US.

The first item to look at is the voltage of the bulbs. 220-volt bulbs are made for use outside the U.S. and will operate properly on a 208-volt single phase connection from Edlen. 120-volt bulbs are made for use in the U.S. and will operate fine on a 120 volt outlet form Edlen. To order a 208-volt connection for your 220-volt lighting, add the wattage of all your bulbs together and divide the total by 200. The answer is the total amperage you will need to order. Order the amperage you need under 208-volt single phase. No more than 15 amps (3000 watts) can be drawn on a multi outlet strip. If you need more than 15 amps for lighting, order the appropriate number of 15 amp connections that you need based on your total lighting amperage.

The second item to look at is the type of electrical plug on the end of your lighting fixtures. The standard outlet we provide for 208-volt power under 20 amps is a NEMA 6-20R. This is NOT the standard US 120-volt outlet that can be converted to with a common travel adapter. We can provide an adapter to a standard European Schucko outlet or strip only. Please bring any power strips and extension cords you will need and an adapter to either a standard European Schucko outlet or a NEMA 6-20R. You may also contact the Edlen office producing the show where you are exhibiting to order a European adapter or strip. Any distribution under carpet or concealed wiring must be performed by Edlen electricians using Edlen’s equipment and cords.