How Many Water Connections do I Need?

Determine how many pieces of equipment in your booth will require a separate water line connection in your booth.

If you require more than (1) water line outlet, order the first water line at the "first outlet" rate. Each additional water line outlet is at the reduced "additional" outlet rate. Inline and peninsula booths will find their water line outlet(s) at the rear of their booth space. For island booths, all water line outlet(s) ordered are dropped to one location (if services come from above) and then are distributed on the floor to other locations within the booth space. Time and material charges will apply for all distribution of services, whether on the floor or overhead. Overhead distribution may result in lift cost.

Note the number of connections you will require and the size of each connection.

What are your PSI and GPM Requirements?

Please provide your PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) as well as GMP (Gallons Per Minute) specifications. Pressure may vary. Edlen can not guarantee minimum or maximum pressures. If pressure is critical please arrange to have a pressure regulator valve or pump installed.

Order Water Line Labor

Determine the labor cost. There is a 1 hour minimum charge for the installation and 1 hour charge for the removal of all water lines. To determine if the work will be performed on straight time or overtime, please reference the move-in and tear-out days of the event, and calculate your estimate accordingly.

Sample of Completed Order Form

Click here to see a sample of a completed plumbing order form.