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Coronavirus: Edlen’s Business Continuity Plan

Our CEO Jim Wetterling shares his plan to mitigate COVID-19 risks

Jim Wetterling

03/17/2020 | Posted in Executive Perspective

Edlen is dedicated to the safety and well-being of its employees, clients and customers. As your valued partner, I want to continue to assure you that as the Coronavirus situation rapidly evolves, we are working diligently to ensure that our employees have the most up to date information and resources to best serve you. Our business continuity strategy and plan has been updated by our executive leadership team to address COVID-19. This plan will assist our front-line managers in planning for and responding to a wide variety of critical situations/escalations that may arise.

Below is a sampling of our plan:

Risks / Staffing and Contingencies
In the event Edlen is required to replace a key member working on your show and/or in your facility, Edlen will proceed as follows:

Due to Edlen's size and position within the trade show industry, Edlen employs a large national support network of highly trained professionals at all levels of event production. This nationwide network of event management staff allows Edlen to support you or any of our 18 branches nationwide, without interruption.


  1. Senior Management would be temporarily replaced by one of Eden's five Vice Presidents, all of whom are qualified to manage any branch in the EDLEN network. Further support would come from any one of Edlen's 18 General Managers. Outside support would remain in place until a qualified replacement is found and completely trained to assume overall management responsibilities.

  2. Electrical Foremen are customarily replaced with senior electricians from our existing team. Edlen prides itself on hiring and training individuals who can handle a wide range of responsibilities. Our staff is cross trained in all aspects of producing and installing temporary utility services. This allows for a smooth transition should a key electrician be replaced. Over the past 15 years, every electrical foreman replaced in the Edlen network has been from within the company. As required, Edlen can also supplement our staff with a foreman from another Edlen office as most of our electrical team nationwide is a member of the IBEW and work as a
    credentialed Journey/Wireman electrician.

  3. Senior Event Services Managers are customarily promoted from within the Edlen network of Event Services Managers. This can be done through relocation from another Edlen branch. As with our entire team, EDLEN prides itself in cross training its staff in all aspects of event production. By doing so, the loss of one individual has minimal impact on our overall operation. If the Senior Event Services Manager were not replaced immediately through promotion, executive management would take over temporarily until a qualified individual was hired.

  4. Event Services Managers are customarily hired without direct experience. Edlen looks for friendly, outgoing people who enjoy a fast-paced environment as well as a face-to-face customer service environment. While our local branch searches for a new team member, Edlen will supplement Event Services Managers on your show and/or at your facility with Event Services Managers from other Edlen offices. All Edlen Event Services Managers are on the same page when it comes to the planning and production of events. This allows them to step into any office and start work without any “down time.”

In addition to our Risks/Staffing and Contingencies plan, Edlen's executive leadership team has outlined and continually discusses the following components that enhance our business strategy and continuity plan:

    • Protocol on hygiene & sanitation 
    • Travel and travelers
    • Quarantine & infection situations (situational planning)
    • What if staffing scenarios

We are committed to keeping all of our Edlen employees informed on the COVID-19 threat, including but not limited to virus symptoms, recommended travel restrictions, and most importantly precautions to be taken from a hygiene perspective to protect themselves, their families, and everyone on your show and/or in your facility.

Please know that we share in your vigilance to address all issues associated with this outbreak.


Jim Wetterling
Edlen Electrical Exhibition Services

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