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COVID-19 and Edlen’s Response

Edlen steps outside the normal course of business to lend services to the important ongoing fight against the Coronavirus

Zach Wetterling

03/30/2020 | Posted in Edlen Insights

While people around the world face an unprecedented disruption to daily life and cope with the immediate impact of the current worldwide pandemic, complete industries have been forced to manage the economic outcomes stemming from the lifestyle changes individuals have been forced to make. The trickle-down effect triggered by the issue currently plaguing the globe has caused many businesses in turn to take unprecedented measures in order to lessen the resulting damage.

One industry that has felt the immediate impact is the tradeshow and event industry. Like many others, this industry has seen a near complete evaporation of business operations and associated revenue. Through this adversity, however, some businesses within this great industry continue to endure and have taken this time to shift gears and reach out to their communities in this period of great need.

Edlen Electrical is one such business entity within the tradeshow and event industry that has stepped up to assist during these uncertain times. As the nation’s leading independent temporary utility provider, Edlen is known industry-wide for its expertise in temporary electrical and plumbing distribution across the United States. Although the Edlen team is typically found behind the scenes of some of the largest and most exciting tradeshows and events year after year, Edlen has stepped outside the normal course of business to lend our services to the important ongoing fight against the Coronavirus.  

Below are a few examples of how Edlen is working in concert with our partners around the country to provide aid:

San Francisco, California
Together with the San Mateo Event Center, Edlen’s San Francisco team was brought in to provide power for a drive-thru screening & testing site. Specifically, Edlen was brought in to distribute and balance generator power and hook up 20 RVs that have been set up for use as temporary housing for COVID-19 patients who cannot social distance. During distribution, Edlen foremen determined that the initial RV adapters provided by an outside source were not sufficient for the RVs to run at full capacity as specified by the client. Edlen however, was able to source the correct adapter for the RVs to run safely without any limitations. The space is evolving and another building has recently been converted into a field hospital that Edlen provided convenience outlets for the patients.

Edlen has also been called upon to help convert the Santa Clara Convention Center into a field hospital. The Edlen team has the necessary experience in tapping into high-voltage services, as 120v wall outlets are not enough to sustain an operation of this scale. Edlen has distributed power to bathroom trailers, hospital beds, and ops offices and is still actively consulting on power needs for the future should the space continue to grow.

Seattle, Washington
Our teams have also been assisting the United States Army in setting up temporary hospitals in various areas of the country. Our Seattle team has been brought in to assist with temporary power distribution for a 148-bed field hospital being built in the Century Link Field Event Center. Our team was able to assist during set-up to ensure that sustainable and reliable power was allocated to various areas to ensure all medical equipment could be utilized to the fullest capacity.

Baltimore, Maryland
In Baltimore, the Edlen team has been working with the Baltimore Convention Center and the University of Maryland Medical System, John Hopkins, and the National Guard to provide temporary power and help convert 123,000 square feet of exhibit space into a medical station with 250-beds.

Fort Worth, Texas
In Fort Worth, Edlen’s local team has installed power in the Fort Worth Convention Center as it acts as a temporary shelter to house up to 270 people. This power is meant to assist with all needs while this convention center aids the communities around it.

The above are just a couple illustrations of the many ways in which Edlen is utilizing its expertise in temporary power distribution to assist our partners in helping those in need. Edlen has also been, and will continue to be, in contact with local governments, medical institutions, and industry affiliates throughout the country to investigate any and every way we can help.

As the world continues to battle with an unseen enemy and industries and businesses continue to shift gears and take on challenges never-before faced, Edlen will continue to be a leader for the tradeshow and event industry. Edlen would like to continue to lend a helping hand wherever and whenever called upon and we are happy to discuss any opportunities to provide further support.

Please feel free to contact us at so we can collaborate on ways to help during this uncertain time in our country.

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