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Edlen is Now Exclusive at the Portland Expo Center

Metro and the City of Portland selected Edlen to provide temporary event utility at the Portland Expo Center

Diane Brule

08/28/2019 | Posted in Edlen Insights

Metro through the City of Oregon’s Metropolitan Exposition Recreation Commission announced the selection of Edlen Electrical Exhibition Services as the exclusive temporary event utility contractor to the Portland Expo Center.

As the nation’s leading and largest temporary utility contractor, Edlen currently serves as the exclusive or preferred utility provider in sixty-nine convention venues, while working as an approved partner in hundreds of other properties across the country. Venues include world class convention centers, stadiums, arenas, hotels, resorts, fairgrounds, theme parks, and a variety of special event venues. The Portland Expo Center will be capitalizing on Edlen’s nationwide presence and 44 years’ experience as a “specialist” in the temporary utility field, enhancing the customer experience while further impacting the appeal of the Portland Expo Center.

“We are honored to have been selected by Metro and the City of Portland,” said James Wetterling, CEO/President, Edlen Electrical Exhibition Services. “We are truly excited to partner with the Portland Expo Center. As our 52nd exclusive partner, we look forward to long and mutually successful partnership.”

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