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When You Need More Doggone Power

Edlen turns around a "ruff" situation at the Kennel Club Dog Show

Kim Ackley

01/29/2020 | Posted in Human Interest

Edlen began providing service at Fort Worth’s Will Rogers Memorial Center in 2018. We were excited to work on the 99th Annual Fort Worth Kennel Club Dog Show. The iconic show has grown every year since it began in 1932 and now needed more power than was available on the show floor. Edlen was ready to take on the challenge.


As with all animal shows, the challenge lies in powering the grooming area, where powerful blow dryers, clippers and other tools are used simultaneously. For this particular event, approximately a third of the event’s exhibit space was utilized yet required more power than was available on the entire floor.


Edlen’s unique solution was to install a 400-amp hub a floor below and ran power up the columns in the exhibit space and into the rafters. The electricians then dropped the power from overhead. By working together with show management to reconfigure the event floor, Edlen was able to ensure power was delivered in an efficient and reliable manner while reducing labor expense.


Edlen’s out-of-the-box thinking and collaboration with the client made it possible to provide uninterrupted service for the entirety of the show. It also provides a long-term solution allowing the Will Rogers Memorial Center the ability to host the Fort Worth Kennel Club Dog Show for many years to come.

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