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With nearly 50 years of expertise, we are The Power People. We are solely focused on delivering a safe, timely, and customer-centric utility experience as the nation’s largest temporary utility contractor. We are recognized as the innovative leader in the trade show, convention, and special event industry servicing thousands of events annually in hundreds of venues across the country.  Our clients rely on Edlen’s unparalleled track record and expertise in providing safe, affordable, and on-time solutions for their event power needs.

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Edlen’s commitment to safety, on-time delivery and impeccable service is why leading venues, general service contractors and show organizers entrust Edlen with their temporary utility needs.

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Edlen is a specialist whose singular approach is in the planning and execution of utility services, in contrast to other contractors who spread their attention and resources across a variety of services.


It is important for businesses to meet the needs of the present without compromising the potential of future generations to meet their needs. This philosophy has been the focus of Edlen Electrical Exhibition Services green policies in respect to both trade shows and exhibits and within our own offices.

Regarding conservation, Edlen is making strides to reduce the amount of paper used to conduct business. Through the development of a proprietary web-based event management program (EMP), Edlen eliminated most of the paper trail that once existed. EMP allows all orders both in advance and on the show floor to be processed online with all information being communicated electronically with the exhibitor, show manager and venue alike. In addition, EMP allows clients to access all order and financial related information (commissions, etc.) electronically, thus eliminating the paper trail.

Energy efficiency is very important to Edlen and our event services managers who work closely with exhibitors to determine the exact power needed for each booth structure so that efficiencies are maintained on the show floor while providing an exceptional guest experience. Also working toward sustainability are Edlen’s plumbers, who use reusable rubber hoses and have moved from diesel to electric compressors for energy efficiencies.

In our own offices, Edlen uses energy efficient light bulbs and has built in sky lights to make use of natural light rather than simply using electricity. Edlen employees turn off lights that are not in use and recycle file folders, phone books, fax and print cartridges, excess paper, and plastics. Office printers/copiers are programmed to print double-sided. Edlen has also attempted to do its part in water conservation by maintaining drought-tolerant landscaping and the use of water stations rather than bottled water.

Edlen takes the quality of life for its employees very seriously and has implemented a no-smoking policy in each of its offices and warehouses. This has greatly improved air quality and the quality of life for employees and guests.

Edlen proudly recycles all copper wire from damaged cords and is making the conversion to battery powered forklifts. Edlen’s team works hard to maintain and re-use our state-of-the art and UL-approved equipment.

Future generations will need the resources of today and Edlen is excited to do its part in undertaking green policies that will lead to environmental sustainability in the event industry and beyond.