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Edlen takes great pride in being recognized as a utility specialist.  Our focus over the past 45 years has been delivering on-time utility services at competitive pricing--all while providing unsurpassed customer service.

"IPC APEX EXPO is a heavy equipment show with extensive electrical, plumbing, and compressed air requirements.  In this unique environment, I would only trust one company to service the show, and that’s Edlen."

Alicia Balonek, CEM | Sr. Director Tradeshows & Events, IPC


IPC/APEX, San Diego Convention Center

 Microsoft Inspire + Microsoft Ready

"Edlen handles issues with grace and competence, and that is all we could ever want. Best of all, the overall final costs were within 5% of the initial estimates."

Elizabeth Donohoe | Microsoft Inspire Exhibitor Logistics Manager


"We have enjoyed a long-term partnership with Edlen on our annual event. Their proactive approach and excellent customer service are incredibly important to us and to our exhibitors so that we may provide an exceptional show experience year after year."

Aubrey Arreola, CMP | Chief Operating Officer

Western Veterinary Conference

Western Veterinary Conference


"Edlen's ability to be flexible and accommodate every change is truly instrumental in our ability to produce at this scale and level."

Anurag Malhotra | NVIDIA Corporate Events Manager