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Celebrating 45 Years of Excellence

Edlen celebrates 45 years in the business

Anna Fedosseeva

03/27/2020 | Posted in Edlen Insights

Over the decades, Edlen has overcome many major changes, from economic downturns, to catastrophic national events. Edlen is now facing a global pandemic that is disrupting everyday life. In these critical times, it is important to stay strong and maintain a positive outlookWe look forward to honoring our founders and celebrating this significant anniversary throughout 2020. 

45 years ago, electricians Ed Cimino and Lenny Swimmer started a temporary utility service company in Miami. The 1970s tradeshow industry was a fledging image of what it would become. Over the decades, the industry grew and Edlen grew with it, opening new branches to service emerging tradeshow markets in the nation. Now, the tradeshow and convention business is a $13.2 billion dollar industry, and Edlen is the nation’s leading independent temporary electrical contractor. 

This year marks Edlen’s 45th anniversary. We celebrate our legacy, our team, and the relationships built over the years. Over the course of the year, we will showcase Edlen’s extensive history, spotlight our people and give insight on the ever-changing tradeshow industry. 

Join us in celebrating Edlen! 

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