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Defying the Statistics

Four Edlen team members celebrate 25th Anniversary

Mary Ellen Chapdelaine

08/19/2020 | Posted in Edlen Updates

The average person spends 4.3 years with a company before they move on for a better opportunity, job satisfaction or growth.  In 2020, four Edlen team members defied these statistics.  Vanesa Alenier, Kelly Putich, Ellie Tackett and Randy Casella reached a career milestone by celebrating their 25th anniversary with Edlen.   Each of them has a different background and skillset, yet they have something in common; they uncovered the secret to job satisfaction and longevity.  

One may think part of the secret is planning a career in a specialized field.  When asked if working for an electrical contractor in the event industry was something they planned; their answer was a unanimous and resounding, “No, does anyone?”.  Vanesa was a dock supervisor for a produce company, Kelly worked part-time for a tent rental company, Ellie was an administrator for a health care provider and Randy owned an employment agency.  Today Vanessa is the General Manager of our Miami office and produces 500 events a year, Kelly is a National Director of Event Services where she assists with national event management operations, Ellie is the Executive Director of Administration in the Las Vegas Corporate office and Randy Casella is the Senior Vice President in Long Beach, California.

What then do they have in common?  Randy said it was his ability to express his thoughts and ideas for the growth of the company and being empowered to execute these ideas.   For Ellie, it was her ability to work in multiple capacities which included traveling and the teamwork and job satisfaction that came with it.  Kelly said it was Edlen’s trust in their employees and empowering them to make decisions critical to the success of the company.  For Vanessa, it was the people she worked with and the mentoring she received along the way.

Each person has different reasons behind their long careers.  The common thread is they are hardworking and dedicated employees that thrive on Edlen’s core value that success is a two-way street which requires as much work by the employer as it does the employee.  Through empowering and valuing their people, employee growth and longevity has become a key factor in Edlen’s success.   

Congratulations!  Ellie Tackett, Vanessa Alenier, Kelly Putich and Randy Casella for defying the statistics.

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