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Edlen Team Member Serves First Term in Nevada Legislature

Mary Ellen Chapdelaine

09/28/2023 | Posted in People

Julie Pazina, National Director of Sales, recently served her first legislative session in Nevada’s state senate. As a freshman legislator, Julie was proud to have eight pieces of legislation signed into law and to chair the Natural Resources committee, as well as chairing Nevada’s first Tourism Caucus.

Julie’s legislation ranged from ensuring living organ donor protections, expanding graduate medical education opportunities, school garden funding for STEAM education and opening up career advancement opportunities for state employees possessing commensurate job experience without the requirement of a bachelor’s degree.

As Chair of the Natural Resources committee, Julie worked with her colleagues on legislation regarding wildlife, water resources, mining, agriculture and emissions.

With her background in the hospitality industry and tenure on the Las Vegas Hospitality Association Board and Commission on Tourism, Julie was proud to chair Nevada’s first legislative Tourism Caucus. With the help of vice chair Assemblyman Howard Watts and the Nevada Resort Association, the Caucus discussed matters facing Nevada’s tourism industry and how legislation can affect the Nevadans who rely on tourism for their careers.

Julie is excited for her next legislative session in 2025 and to serve on interim committees.


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