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Edlen Unveils New Exhibitor Services Portal

Elizabeth Tackett

02/04/2022 | Posted in Edlen Updates

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Edlen Electrical is excited to announce the roll-out of its “ExhibitorServices@Edlen” customer portal, its new, communication method of interacting with exhibitors regarding their utility service orders.

In an effort to simplify the event preparation process for exhibitors while also increasing sustainability, Edlen’s IT department developed the portal to interface with its proprietary event management software, EMP (Event Management Program). Secured by SSL encryption, all communications between Edlen event managers and exhibitors are recorded in EMP, allowing event managers across the country to view responses to questions, uploaded floor plans, etc.

Exhibitors receive an email (see example below) with two methods of accessing the portal, either a unique key code to copy and paste into their web browser, or simply by clicking on the “Exhibitor Service Portal” button. After entering their name and contact information, they can answer any questions, upload floor plans, or forward the email to other team members if they need assistance responding. Exhibitors also have the ability to ask questions of Edlen should they need to do so.

We sincerely hope all who have the opportunity to utilize ExhibitorServices@Edlen enjoy the convenience of paperless communication.

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