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Rick Bredenberg, Nestor Hernandez, Vanessa Alenier

Mary Ellen Chapdelaine

08/18/2020 | Posted in Edlen Updates

This year marks Rick Bredenberg’s 27th anniversary with Edlen, a record no other employee can claim. The words that best describe Rick’s history with Edlen is “been there, done that”. He has held every position in the event management process working his way up from a part-time warehouse worker in Miami to Vice President of Utility Services in Las Vegas.

Along the way Rick has traveled to every office, engineered every type of event imaginable, created electrical instructional videos, become proficient with electrical code and equipment as it relates to the event industry, but most importantly; he earned the respect of the people around him.

Rick’s experience as a musician, air traffic controller and computer programmer prior to joining Edlen was a good indicator of his upcoming success. Rick possessed the willingness to learn, the drive to succeed, and most importantly, the ability to stay calm in an industry built on deadlines and unpredictable circumstances, all traits of great leaders.

Of course, featuring Rick without recognizing Betty, his wife of 33 years, wouldn’t tell the whole story. Thank you, Betty, for enduring his countless workdays without time off, his endless travel on the road, his early morning departures only to return home late that night all for the good of the company.

Photo: Rick Bredenberg, Nestor Hernandez, Vanessa Alenier

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