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Senior Vice President Randy Casella Retires

Julie Pazina

12/17/2021 | Posted in Edlen Updates

Longtime Edlen team member Randy Casella retired in August after 26 years with the organization. Randy managed Edlen’s sales and marketing efforts from his time in both the Anaheim and San Francisco offices. His passion and creativity were evident in his many interactions with Edlen’s team members and customers over the years and his wide smile and trademark greetings will be missed by his teammates and friends.

Randy enjoyed conceiving some of Edlen’s more elaborate and memorable booth themes in past years along with designing collateral and management of the Edlen Outlet. “Not enough can be said about Randy Casella and his contribution to the success of Edlen. Quite simply Edlen would not be the incredible company it is today without him,” said President and CEO Jim Wetterling. “Randy joined Edlen in 1995 when we had less than 15 employees. We used to joke that everyone had to wear a lot of different hats because there was so much work and not enough staff. Randy wore every hat there was from executive, sales director, electrician, IT manager, marketing director, HR consultant and probably ten other ‘hats’. But most importantly, Randy gave me invaluable consultation on a myriad of critical decisions that ultimately determined Edlen’s incredible growth and success.”

Randy served as a mentor and friend to new employees as Edlen grew and was an invaluable resource to the team. “His passion for our business and the success of our team members underscores his commitment towards making Edlen the great company it is today,” said Vice President of Sales Mary Ellen Chapdelaine. “I will miss our many conversations and collaboration on a multitude of projects.  Randy’s quick wit and humor is legendary to all of us who worked with him.”

“It’s impossible to sum up Randy Casella’s contributions in a few words or sentences.  Suffice it to say, they were significant and unmeasurable.  His passion for our business, the entire Edlen team and his ability to provide creative solutions that produced successful outcomes made him an incredible asset,” said Diane Brule, Vice President of Event Services.

Randy’s legacy at Edlen spans nearly three decades and the countless friendships and relationships he has nurtured within Edlen and the industry. “Randy has made many friends and he will not only be missed by myself and everyone at Edlen but hundreds of others throughout the convention and trade show industry,” concluded Wetterling. 

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