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The Real Farmville at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland

The convention center's urban farm illustrates that sustainability efforts are achievable at any scale

Anna Fedosseeva

05/06/2019 | Posted in Edlen Insights

The Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland (HCCC) is working with their on-site caterer Levy Restaurants to create and maintain a sustainable food supply chain. The initiative established partnerships with local, organic and responsible farmers and producers. Watch General Manager and Executive Chef Matt Del Regno walk us through the Real Farmville:

A few more fun facts about Farmville:

  • In the summer, flowers from the garden are harvested to use as garnish for deserts.
  • Vegetables grown in the garden are pickled all summer and used on antipasti board year-long.
  • All food waste is recycled into energy. Last year alone, 82,000 lbs. of food waste collected produced enough natural gas to heat 22 homes, power 15 homes and create 5,700 lbs. of fertilizer.
  • Leftover food is donated to the local food bank, providing over 12,500 meals annually.

The farm is an ambitious project that highlights Levy Restaurant and HCCC’s passion for sustainable food system.

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