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Walking a Mile in Each Other’s Shoes

Dana Brown

07/09/2024 | Posted in Edlen Updates

As we know, there are so many important roles that work together to execute a successful event! Our Event Services and Electrical Teams were super excited for another opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of each other’s roles during Atlanta’s 2nd Annual Role Reversal Training. The training allowed the Event Services Team to gain hands-on experience with power installation. This year, we incorporated the installation of plumbing, which proved to add immeasurable value. As our electricians took on the task of servicing a mock Labor and Service Desk, it was clear that they were up for the challenge!

“I have a greater respect for the folks at the service and labor desk!” – Charlie Morgan, Foreman

“It definitely gave me a better perspective of how chaotic it can be for them at the labor desk. It is very easy to lose your organization and get mixed up when it gets hectic.” – Tyler Queen, Electrician

“I learned how to properly install a panel and how power is distributed from the panel. I also learned that our electricians have knees of steel!” – Sin Chhoeun, Event Services Coordinator

“I’m a very visual learner, so being able to actually see the materials and the process at work is huge for me. It’s something that working the labor desk made me particularly interested in, because I think it’s important to know and appreciate what is actually happening for the electricians once they leave our desks with a ticket.” – Aleigh Davis, Event Services Coordinator

One thing is for sure, walking a mile in each other’s shoes fosters deeper respect and appreciation!

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