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Welcome to Our New Site

CEO Jim Wetterling is proud to unveil Edlen's new look

Jim Wetterling

09/05/2018 | Posted in Executive Perspective

Edlen has been around since the 1970s, and always found ways to adapt and evolve its marketing strategy over the decades. Now, with new offices opening across the country and record client numbers, we at Edlen decided it was time for another evolution to showcase what the company has become – an innovator and leader in the temporary utility service industry.

Today, we unveil a new website – one that highlights our expertise, our history and, most importantly, our people. Edlen has the great fortune of being a “small”, family-owned business, and the company feels like a tight-knit family. We wanted to ensure that our Edlen family is front and center on this site – showcasing our work, passion and dedication.

We asked our friends and clients in the events industry what they liked about working with us so we can feature some quotes on the website. The response was overwhelming. We implemented their quotes on various pages, we’ll let the quotes speak for themselves.

In addition, we redesigned the Exhibitor Resources hub to ensure that exhibitors can get all the answers they’re looking for, be it while prepping for a show or last-minute concerns while on the show floor. Whatever the case, our Exhibitor Resources page has you covered.

Most importantly, we want the site to match our updated brand – sleek, professional, and committed to exceptional customer service. We hope the website conveys the immense pride we have in our craft and our team. Click around and enjoy!

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